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Let the Games Begin

Welcome new team and DFAmily members!  We are so thrilled and excited to be done with the application process and have the opportunity to officially welcome about 30 new students onto our project teams.

After notifying the new members of their acceptance over the weekend, we wasted no time and had our first full meeting on Tuesday October 1, in the Gross Hall space.  We played a name game to start things off and get to know each other and quickly transitioned into our first team building game.

Katya, our events planner, led an exercise about being stranded on the moon.  The situation was that each team was lost on the moon 200 miles from their mothership and only had certain, limited supplies.  First, team members were given the opportunity to rank the supplies from most to least important individually.  Then, the teams worked as a group to come up with an improved list which was compared to NASA’s standard.  Most people found that their score after collaborating with the team was much higher than when they completed the exercise alone, proving teamwork is effective!

After these “forming” team activities we helped the groups start the other stages of group formation: storming, norming and performing.  Each team exchanged contact information, set up a weekly meeting time and started to discuss each member’s strengths and weaknesses.  This led into our final challenge of the night: to build the tallest tower out of only balloons and tape in 10 minutes.

Here are some pictures of the teams hard at work!

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Thank you again to our advisor, Matt Nash, from Duke’s Center for the Advancement of Entrepreneurship for setting us up with the space in Gross Hall.  Also, thank you to our mentor from DFA national, Julian, for Skyping in for this exciting meeting!

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DFA (Officially) Takes Durham

Yesterday the studio leads and 14 members from last semester met to plan for the coming year; it was our first meeting as an entire team after being officially recognized by DFA National as a studio! Our goals for the meeting were to recap Leadership Studio, finalize the application process, discuss a marketing plan, brainstorm for the workshop and start to project scope. In order to best delegate these tasks we divided into three committees: marketing, workshop planning and a looking forward crew.

Within these groups we did a little team building, DFA style.  First, we came up with 30 second pitches about what DFA is and why it is perfect for basically any student on campus.  Some repeated themes were that Design for America allows students to use classroom skills in a real world setting to solve actual problems in the community, it is an opportunity to be part of what could (and will!) be a groundbreaking new organization on campus and that DFA offers the unique chance to work with people across all ages and disciplines.

Here are some pictures of the teams hard at work!

As a second team building exercise we gave each committee 30 minutes to build an arcade game only using the “trash” left over from moving into our dorms.  In just half an hour the teams created functional and fun games that we played to end the meeting. We tweeted one picture of a game (follow us on twitter @DukeDFA) but here are some more snapshots of our DFA arcade!

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We are having information sessions for potential new members Wednesday, September 4 from 5-6 pm and Thursday, September 5 from 5-6 pm, please come if you are interested in learning more about Design for America (or playing fun design games like building an arcade!)

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