A Visit From Julian

This week Duke DFA had a very special guest!  Our national mentor, Julian Bongiorno, came to visit.  He met with each of our teams individually to hear about their progress and offer advice.  Julian suggested new ways to look at the problem, different methods of research, and changes in mindset that aided the teams in the development of a final “How Can We Statement” that will guide the rest of their design process.



At our weekly meeting, Julian ran a workshop on pitching.  He discussed the importance of telling a story, making it personal, and appealing to your audience in making a successful pitch.  Teams were given time to make their own pitches based on the research they’ve collected and the direction they’ve decided to take when approaching their problem.  Since our teams are all tackling problems on campus, it was easy to tell personal stories based on real experiences that illustrated the issues at hand.


The pitching advice from Julian will be very useful to our teams as they prepare to pitch their ideas to the Duke community next week.  For our final meeting of the semester, we will be hosting presentations to show faculty members and students what we’ve been working on.  If you’re interested in attending, find more information and RSVP here.


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